Monday, February 24, 2014


“Haywire” begins in the style of mysteries where the viewers observe characters yet we have limited knowledge as to their motives or identities. Over time, these are revealed to the audience in a manner meant to keep curiosity stimulated. For some, the pacing of the awareness as to who is who and what they are doing may be a bit slow. One knows the main character is in life-threatening danger, yet from whom and why and what their capabilities are, for awhile, kept unknown to viewers.

There are not many facets presented regarding the characters. One sees how they are over a period of a few days. There is some sense of a past between the main character and her father which is positive yet even that is quickly presented. Overall, this is a good, quick spy drama with fights and escapes yet not much else. It is well shot, the fight scenes are realistic, and there is a female hero to root for.

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