Tuesday, July 30, 2013


“Savages” is a rare film that opens with intense suspense which then quickly dials down the tone. It then slowly prods through with growing tensions. Some intense scenes are quite violent and are meant to shock the audience. Some may feel a bit cheated towards the end of the film yet it rearranges towards an overall satisfying ending. This is another disturbing film from Oliver Stone, but it was his intention to disturb you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season Four

The fourth season of “Sons of Anarchy” unfolds the tensions to a slower,more  deliberate rate than in past seasons. Then after a boiling point is reached, the struggles take off at rather exciting rates. A secret often alluded to in previous seasons peels away more and more information with serious consequences.  The resulting suspense produces very dramatic scenes. Relationships between characters shift swiftly and are well portrayed.

Unlike the third season, where the major conflicts were resolved by the actions of the characters, outside factors force many of the decisions. It is more satisfying when matters are the results of the characters. Major accolades are given to Katey Sagal whose acting presents a range of emotions as her manipulative character takes pursues critically important avenues. The whole cast makes for an excellent ensemble. It should be difficult to care these violent criminals, yet this series makes the audience feel for them. There are new leading “good guys” are with another who is very eccentric yet the the fourth season presents them as more sympathetic and decent. This series continues on an overall excellent route.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season Three

The third season of “Sons of Anarchy” is remarkable in that it continues presenting a highly suspenseful show with lots of tensions that often leaves the viewers wondering what happens next and how situations will be resolved. Perhaps some things happen a bit too coincidentally, yet other things, especially the season conclusion, show both surprising twists as well insightful character development.

The third season presents greater depth and understanding of many characters. Important backstory enters the stories and how the characters respond is often fascinating. As the fate of a baby is at stake, the viewer is sympathetically drawn into the flow. The sociopathic behavior of some are creative developments which allows one to realize their arc is perhaps deserved. The acting continues to as great as in previous seasons. Subtle color and shooting differences, especially when in Ireland, accent the moods and are brilliantly presented. This is one of the series that improves over time as viewers are constantly wondering where things are headed.

The Patient

This is a nice independent short film. It is well acted and expertly shot. While it is hard to develop  an insightful character presentation in a short film, one does come away with a good sense of what the main character is about and the roots that led him to where he is. The film features several comedic characters that poke fun at a few stereotypical personalities. There are a few laugh out moments, such as a church organ played by feet. The talents of the lead actor Johntrae Williams to portray different characters are presented. Hopefully this will be a vehicle to see more of the people who put together this short film.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season Two

The second story of “Sons of Anarchy” is highlighted by excellent acting on all accounts. There are no weak characters and only strong performances. The characters are interwoven in intriguing situations. The stories are not for the faint at heart: there are portrayals of rape, violence, and death.

There is much tension arising from the stories. The problems increase and grab the viewer. One often does not know how situations can be resolved. A looming problem from season one is resolved over time, yet with much drama that nearly tears apart most of the characters. There are new white supremacist protagonists who are unsettling. A positive result is this makes the motorcycle criminals more appealing by comparison. These new villains create new conflicts from multiple angles which keeps the second season very interested. The friendships and defense of families among the criminal main characters allows viewers to root for them. One would probably want to familiarize oneself by viewing the first season before jumping into the second season.