Thursday, February 27, 2014


“Gravity” is one the most gripping adventures films ever. It creates more tensions viewing it than just about any other movie. It has the main character in constant danger of death and places the characters in a very scary place to be on their own without outside help, namely In outer space,

This movie also makes many viewers sad, and not just from the horrific events of the main storyline. The life story we learn of the lead character Dr. Stone alone is tear producing. The movie also skillfully uses story points that chugs at viewer’s hearts.

The outers pace photography is brilliantly beautiful. It creates more a sense of awe along with heightening the awareness of how alone they are in space. The sceneryi including the space ships is incredible.

A problem with a movie like this which shows real world high technology is that most viewers will not be able to properly assess the actual degrees of risks and possible solutions to dangers. This film, though, does an excellent job in signifying the high degree of difficulties that are being faced such that this knowledge is not essential. Viewers will likely share the fear felt by the characters.

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