Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bad Grandpa

If one wants to see gross examples of “Candid Camera” gone wrong, this is the movie for them. It is laugh out funny, yet is purposely disgusting at times, so note that intent beforehand. Unwitting people witness and interact with offbeat, insane, and sometimes inane antics and their reactions are recorded. The antics are hilariously incorrect which surprises those who stumble across these actions.

This movie connects the series of trickery on unsuspecting people into a plot. This makes the movie a little more interesting as there is a storyline. While many scenes result from spontaneity, the plot is established. Some of the scenes contain planned dialogue to move the plot. Still the focus is on hidden cameras capturing reaction shots from people witnessing planned set-ups.

There is lots of foul language and sexual content, much of which occurs t in front of a child actor, which may disturb some. There is “gross out” humor and inappropriate humor galore. That was what the movie intended. If you don’t mind this, you may well find this movie hilarious. If you do mind that, you may be offended. Yet we may even be offended and find yourself laughing out loud. The comedy is generally well timed. The reactions are real and capturing that is what makes this movie work. It ain’t Shakespeare, but it is fun.

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