Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Butler

‘“The Butler” is an inspiring movie. It projects the life of one family with their personal involvement with what is happening during around them regarding changing attitudes on race relations. It begins shockingly and tragically depicting the times when a white person could kill a Black person without legal ramification. It shows how disagreements within a family over how one should respond to racial hatred tears apart a family. Viewers see the debates over civil rights through the eyes of a White House butler and a son who is in the forefront of civil rights protests. We see the son realizing that domestic servants play their own roles in the movement for civil rights approval. A father comes to realize that activism also an important role. This movie presents a satisfying arc for the characters and the nation. The lead characters are all well acted. The film provides an excellent view of important parts of our national history. The portrayals of some of the Presidents play to their caricatures and visually fail to capture the Presidents. Yet the story is the butler and his family, and that is the true heart of this film.

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