Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blue Jasmine

“Blue Jasmine” is an excellent introspective look into the life of a group of very interesting characters. A key dilemma is how much does someone know, what does she do with what she knows, and what consequences result. The writer-director has created a cast of divergent believable characters who are, above all, interesting. Each character has flaws and good elements. The movies makes excellent use of flashbacks, a technique that often is difficult to implement. Here, the flashbacks work as they drive divergent story lines and helps us appreciate the future and flashback stories much better. While writer-director Woody Allen is known primarily for comedies, this is a serious drama. Do not arrive expecting a typical Woody Allen comedy. One should find a sensitive look into the lives of people with their own torments and hopes. The acting is superb. As one who has liked Woody Allen’s films yet criticized that sometimes needs someone overseeing his own work to help him trim some lines (which is a danger of writing and directing your own film), I have no such criticism for this film.  The screenplay is brilliant and the directing appears superb. Most characters arrive at satisfying arcs, although some may quibble that while Jasmine reaches an arc in her story line, one does not know what the future holds for Jasmine. Although, that probably is the point. This is an excellent dramatic film.

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