Saturday, August 24, 2013

Knight Rider: Season One

The first season of “Knight Rider” is reminiscent of an era where many TV dramas were a bit hokey and underacted. This is one of the better representatives of that era, as a talking car that can drive itself (soon to be a reality) steals the limelight. There is a consistent theme: some rich criminal hurts people that includes a beautiful woman and attempts to destroy hero David Knight and his car KITT, without realizing that Knight and KITT are pretty much indestructible. In most episodes, Knights saves a new damsel in distress. David Hasselhoff is good as the lead although held back by scripts where things happen without much intellectual challenge, sometimes by coincidence. Edward Mulhare is a pleasant eccentric support cast member. Patricia McPherson, whose auto mechanic’s suit never has any dirt, is underused as the requisite female support cast member by only having a few lines each episode. The underacting is amplified by scenes which should be of intense drama where few emotions are shown.Still the story lines,at times, can be compelling. One gem is when David Knight is confronted with his fiancee from his past life. Realism is difficult to find in this series. For instance, one wonders how Knight finds all those roads to drive so fast or so quirky where there is no other traffic. 

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