Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pacific Rim

This is one of the better modern action films. This one capitalizes on fears of giant beings arising from the ocean destroying cities that have been part of many previous movies. The fight is a futuristic one with new weapons. An interesting element is the attackers, aliens from outer space, are able to adapt and fight better.

This movie does a decent job with character development. We understand the strengths and flaws of various weaknesses. It combines both brown and intellectual pursuits in the fight. A criticism is dark fights of dark fighters at night which makes it hard to see what is occurring. There are directors who defend that the darkness contributes a dramatic mood yet I believe it is better to better to see what is going on..

I will suspend belief enough to disregard that a two legged weapon is not practical. I do wonder why, if firing weapons if their most effective tactic, they always wait unti the end of the fight to fire them. Oh, wait, that is so there can be an action movie. So suspend belief and watch away.

This movie brings out characters without being melodramatic. It allows us to figure out things with slight dialogue, which is better than the over-telling method some other movies use, There are interesting back stories impact the story’s direction. This is a thoughtful action movie that is well acted and directed.

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