Saturday, March 1, 2014


“Nebraska” features much scenic beauty of Montana and Nebraska and demonstrates that great filming can be presented in black and white. This is a movie where the towns and its residens explain much of the story. This is a great movie about an adult son learning about his father and his parents’ past while taking a road trip. It is expertly written and acted where we often learn more about people though how little they say than through what they say. It is a movie of memories and stirring up the past. Bruce Dern is excellent as a father who people laugh at and Will Forte is superb as the son trying to understand his father and see if he can bring his famther some redemption.

The dialogue and story move slowly, although that is part of the point. This is a great exploration into people who go though life seldom expressing their feelings. We learn more layers about the characters and what molded them as the story progresses. It has a pleasing arc.

If you believe movies can only be in color with lots of special effects, this is not your movie. If you want to see a movie where you learn about people and want to root for them, you should enjoy this film.


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