Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pro-Wrestlers Versus Zombies

If you are a fan of pro wrestling, you might like this film. The intent of this film appears to be to place pro wresters into a storyline where they must use wrestling and fighting moves against opponents who are zombies. The fight is not one-sided as wrestlers do die. There is a lot of blood and gore that verges more on the silly. There is very little suspense as this is mostly excuses to present lots of fighting action.

There is a semblance of a plot regarding revenge from a wrestling match death. The characters are not well defined. There are few character arcs as there barely any characters. There is little dialogue and what dialogue that exists is simplistic and surprisingly often repetitious and unnecessary. The movie appears to serve a basis to show wrestling stunts, biting zombies, and bleeding victims.

Among the positive aspects are that Roddy Pipper can act. He develops a character that can draw audience support. Carmera Bartolotta shows promise that might serve well in a political setting. This is a film that may be enjoyed by pro-wrestling fans or fans of extremely bloody, although obviously fake, violence.

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