Monday, April 21, 2014

American Hustle

“American Hustle” is the total package, a superb script with terrific acting and presumably very skilled direction. This script creates characters that grab our interest and through the story and the mannerisms of the actors, we see the directions the characters and stories are heading. This is a highly visual movie as one wishes to study the expressions of the characters and listen closely to their dialogue to determine when something said is the truth or when it is a con.

Some people did not like the film as they found it hard to follow. It does require some attention but it is not overly complex. Of course, the mystery as to who is being conned and how is exactly the point of the movie. It ends well with an amazing con. The person conned has been shown previously in a negative light so viewers have little sympathy for the conned. One can feel sympathy that is well developed for one of the victims. Some may quarrel over the morality of the con, and some may argue that the con needed some luck as in real life it might not have worked, yet that is the edginess of the movie which draws our attention.

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