Wednesday, January 29, 2014


If ever people decided to make a movie so bad it would be good, it would have to be “Sharknado”. It has great special effects showing the devastating end of many Los Angeles area sites. While bloody scenes detract from the whimsy, much of the destruction is more laughable than frightening. The movie requires a remarkable suspension of belief, although that probably is intentional, including the basic fact that sharks don’t like to eat people. Following a process that does not exist but in theory, tornados are destroyed by bombs. The downside, of course, is that sharks trapped in said tornadoes will then fall, mostly without harm to themselves, onto Los Angeles where they will feed among Angelenos. It is good many L.A. people keep in shape for a healthy shark diet. The improbably stories and ending are just that. This is a movie to sit back and enjoy watching such things as fighting sharks with bar stools. There is an attempt at a storyline yet the focus on the sharks means the story arcs are diminished. This is not a movie to be taken seriously.

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