Monday, July 1, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Season Two

The second story of “Sons of Anarchy” is highlighted by excellent acting on all accounts. There are no weak characters and only strong performances. The characters are interwoven in intriguing situations. The stories are not for the faint at heart: there are portrayals of rape, violence, and death.

There is much tension arising from the stories. The problems increase and grab the viewer. One often does not know how situations can be resolved. A looming problem from season one is resolved over time, yet with much drama that nearly tears apart most of the characters. There are new white supremacist protagonists who are unsettling. A positive result is this makes the motorcycle criminals more appealing by comparison. These new villains create new conflicts from multiple angles which keeps the second season very interested. The friendships and defense of families among the criminal main characters allows viewers to root for them. One would probably want to familiarize oneself by viewing the first season before jumping into the second season.

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