Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dark Circles

This is a remarkably impressive film that mostly uses the good but seldom now used Hitchockian method of creating suspense without showing much blood and gore. It creates tension with expert filming, music, and writing. The story presents a very plausible explanation for the horrors that face a family, while create the mystery that there could be another more disturbing reason. The suspense is greatly enhanced as a baby is involved. Th

The tensions are increased throughout the film which increases the suspense. The movie digresses into a more modern ending which includes some blood, which may be the requirements of today's audience. Fortunately, the blood is not overdone. This movie startles the viewer into pondering who or what is the villain and who will the hero be? The script is excellent although there are some continuity issues. Overall this is an impressive presentation from the suspense genre.

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